Figure Skating Training Environment

Kulik's Skating

The Facility


1. High quality ice surface (80ft. by 130ft.)

2. Dance Studio/Gym (25ft. by 40ft.)

3. Spacious reception/waiting area.

4. Dressing room, restrooms.

5. 41 cars parking area. 

Designed, built and operated by Skaters for Skaters our facility is completely dedicated to Sport of Figure Skating. 

All operating temperatures are adjusted accordingly for comfortable and productive training process. 

Ice Temperature is the crucial factor for successful and safe training of difficult elements. We personally monitor and test ice quality to make sure it is kept to the highest standards in the field of Figure Skating. Figure Skating requires higher ice temperature than the temperatures typically associated with the hockey use.  

Air Quality and Temperature is a very important factor for safe and productive training process. Figure Skating requires warmer air temperatures in comparison with the hockey use and we are absolutely committed providing that at our facility. We guarantee above 52F air temperature on the ice and 65-72F in the Dance Studio/Gym area.